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  • Comedy Gumbeaux

    Since June of 2010, Comedy Gumbeaux at the Howlin’ Wolf Den has showcased comedians from all over the Metro area and as far as Australia. Hosted by the very funny nationally touring comedian Bad Boy RedBean with his amazing crew of Carrey B and Nature Boy, Comedy Gumbeaux is more than just an open mic, it is an experience!

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  • Some of My Favorite Local Comedians

    I have had the great pleasure of working with some great comics and entertainers here in New Orleans. New Orleans is a great city and surrounded by very talented people. From the five-year-old “Coke Bottle Tap Dancers” in the French Quarter, to Grammy award winning jazz musician Allen Toussaint, in my mind, New Orleans is the Entertainer’s Capital of the World!

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  • On The Road

    I have been traveling all over the country, from Vegas to Florida. It has been an amazing ride! I initially cut my teeth at the Funny Bone in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but it wasn’t until Hurricane Katrina that I began to understand a little more about the “science” behind the performer. I always thought I was pretty good, but in this business, pretty good isn’t good enough.

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My Style

Where do I begin? To describe my style–WOW! There are so many different styles of comedy: prop, urban, blue collar, alternative, etc.  Me; sometimes I feel like I am all of them. Sure, you may see me as Black, but I grew up … Let me explain.  I lived in an all white neighborhood, but went to an all Black elementary school.  I listened to Mötley Crue and NWA.  I never paid any attention to it as a kid, but as an adult, I look back and say, “Man that was crazy.”  I went to a majority white, all boy high school, where in 1986 only four Blacks graduated.  I went to Tulane University, I played football, yada, yada, yada. I can try to give it a style, “Urban Collar.”

I guess what I am saying is, in a nutshell, don’t define me, I am just me!

One day I might do something that’s urban, then one day I might be blue-collar, then one day I might be urban and blue-collar.

Below is a clip of me as I answer questions from the audience.


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